A Holon is a type of mech in gen:LOCK. Recruits of the gen:LOCK program pilot them.


A Holon is fitted with a decanted human mind in a "Mindframe", as Doctor Weller calls it. This allows it to be completely controlled by its pilot, becoming as responsive as their own body would be. The technology was developed by Weller on behalf of the Vanguard to battle the Union.

Strengths and AbilitiesEdit

Holons are constructed on humanoid endoskeleton frames, able to mimic a wide range of human movement when active. The endoskeleton is further encased in additional layers of heavy ballistic resistant plating to increase their durability under combat conditions. All sensory gear is located within the head of the Holon, and sensory information can be shared with another Holon when when the two are linked. Retractable wheel assemblies mounted in the feet offer a high speed locomotion option on flat ground, and fully articulated hands can be used to grapple or use improvised or dedicated handheld weapons. The modular exoskeleton structure of a Holon allows each unit to be heavily customized to suit the skills of each individual pilot.


The Mindframe is only compatible with certain nervous systems, and if someone incompatible attempts to upload to a Holon, they will be unable to adapt and be killed by the strain. Furthermore, the gen:LOCK compatible pilots only have a limited period of upload time or risk becoming neurologically incompatible with their own human nervous system, leaving them unable to return. A process of overclocking, to amplify a Holon's combat effectiveness, also has the side effect of drastically reducing this upload time. It can also be reduced by intense emotional stress.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "holon" means "something that is simultaneously a whole and a part".