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Col. Marin calls Doctor Weller to report about the Union's advances, and they discover they are going after the Aether. Weller brings up two new candidates for the gen:LOCK program, Rob Sinclair and Valentina Romanyszyn and gets Marin to accept them along with Cameron MacCloud and Kazu Iida, whom she denied earlier. Weller agrees to go to the Anvil, the Vanguard's base.


Incoming Call: Colonel Raquel Marin

RM: Doctor Weller, are you there?

RF: What, colonel? I can't.... ah... one moment... there, that hold for a moment. What's happening?

RM: They're going after the ether. Trying to bring down this whole network.

RF: I guess invading cities gets old after a while.

RM: Since Detroit, the Union is pushing west faster, they're getting bolder, making some unusual moves. Which is why I'm calling.

RF: I'm glad you did: I found two more candidates.

RM: Doctor, This isn't the time!

RF: I think you'll be happy with these. One is from Special Ops in the Eastern European theatre, helping with the Resistance there.

RM: Doctor!

RF: The other is a Ranger with the Vanguard itself. Should be easy enough for you to arrange transfer.

RM: Doctor, focus! Prepare your team for immediate evacuation.

RF: But I just put the kettle on!

RM: This isn't a joke! We have intelligence, the Union is stepping up its efforts to find you.

RF: Why does this sound familiar? Oh, right, this is exactly what I warned would happen if you militarized my program!

RM: We're not doing this again. They're already on the hunt, you are in danger.

RF: Then we should collect our new recruits - all four of them - as swiftly as possible.

RM: No way. Pack your things, get ready to move.

RF: I'm not going anywhere. Not until you say 'yes'.

RM: Are you holding yourself hostage?

RF: Maybe? Yes, yes, I think I am.

RM: Fine, yes! Just prepare to relocate to The Anvil. I'll arrange to have your new recruits transferred there.

RF: Fabulous! Put the tea on and we'll be there soon!


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