The Character Reveal Teaser #2 was released on the Rooster Teeth website on August 3, 2018. It can be found here.


Dr. Weller attempts to recruit a new pilot on the sly, causing an irate Colonel Marin to demand an explanation as to why she has received notice on a transfer from a military detainment center.


Doc: That's enough Chase. Return to base.

Marin: Dr. Weller.

Doc: Colonel, you'll be pleased to know the refinements to the endoskeletons are performing nicely.

Marin: Why have I received a transfer request from the Mesa?

Doc: How are things with the war effort? Hard to find anything positive in the headlines these days.

Marin: The Vanguard's been reduced to strictly running defense, all we're doing is slowing them down. I hope your progress report is better.

Doc: Indeed, I have fantastic news! I'm about to "double" the number of pilots in the program!

Marin: You only have one pilot so far, doctor!

Doc: How did I know you'd see this as glass-half-empty? But I think you'll like this candidate. Yasamin Madrani. Just like Chase, She also has a significant military experience, top of her class in infantry training, flew as a combat pilot... Just "one" little thing.

Marin: No... Por favor!

Doc: You have to release her into my custody.

Marin: From the Mesa?

Doc: Yes.

Marin: The Mesa Detainment Center.

Doc: I need you to keep an open mind here!

The call terminates.

Doc: Can I take that as you'll think about it?

The images are followed with the name of the show and an expected January 2019 release.

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  • The state of Florida can be seen destroyed on a map of the United States, a reference to its destruction in Red vs. Blue, another Rooster Teeth series.