The Character Reveal Teaser #1 was released in the post-credits of the Volume 5 RWBY finale on January 20th, 2018. It was then re-released on YouTube and the Rooster Teeth website on November 23rd, 2018.


Colonel R. Marin and Dr. Weller view Julian Chase on his first inner city mission through a tech access screen. Marin is worried and displeased while Weller encourages her to have faith. Five new recruits are mentioned. Marin continues to be apprehensive while her colleague tells her that they are going to have to be less strict in their recruitment.


A mech symbol activates in the center of the screen, which pulls back to reveal coding in the shape of city buildings. A city is shown, digitized. There is a target symbol, as well as the symbol of the Vanguard above the buildings to the right. A warning shows on the upper left, reading that the subject is outside of gen:LOCK range.

Other messages, including Phase 4 of a panel lock release and statistical readouts of neuroplastiticy surround the city visual. There are models of a brain and a mecha torso as well.

An alert for an incoming call from Colonel R. Marin, a217891, code black, pops up.

Marin: Are you running an op?

Doc: You said to go to field trials.

Marin: I didn't say to drop him in the middle of a city!

An armed, silver-white mech is shown on a new screen. A second screen provides more of a close up while Marin continues to speak.

Marin: As soon as they figure out what he is they will come hunting. For him and for you.

The mech starts shooting and succeeds. A third screen focused on the mech shows it gripping a rope and being airlifted out of the street.

Doc: Given what we're seeing here, I believe you can stop worrying about Chase so much.

The model of the city becomes visible again, with a pop declaring threats to be eliminated. The symbol for the Vanguard moves out of the city. An ETA of 30 minutes is given.

Marin: No. No, I think I'll keep worrying about him a little longer.

Three screens of Julian Chase now come up. A video of him speaking, a rotating headshot and a video of him walking.

Marin: How's he holding up?

Doc: Still adjusting. But full of surprises.

The leftmost screen reveals Julians most recent assignment and training history, mostly in code.

Doc: We were very lucky to find him. He wasn't, but—

The rightmost screen has a readout on Julian's current assignment being top secret and that his pilot qualification is Advanced Strike.

Marin: How about the others? How is recruiting?

Doc: Problematic.

Julian's center image remains up while the other two disappear. To its right, five silhouetted images are panned over, showing MacCloud, Madrani, Iida, Sinclair and Romanyszyn.

Doc: There are some new possibilities, but we may need to get more flexible on the subject.

Marin: Wait. These are the only matches?

Doc: They'll have to do, won't they?

Marin (sighing): I don't see how we're going to turn this around.

Doc: Oh, don't give up hope yet. We're just getting started.

The call terminates.

The images are followed with the name of the show, an expected 2018 release, and then a mech twirling in place before flying up and offscreen.


  • The text displayed diagonally against all of the profile silhouettes reads: TOP SECRET // GL755288
  • When the teaser was first released at the end of the RWBY Volume 5 finale, David Tennant had not yet been cast as Doctor Weller. In the re-release version, Tennant's voice has been switched in and the effects applied to Col. Marin's voice are different.
  • Under the heading of Neuroplasticity, the following status report appears:

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