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Page for Episode 1?

Would it be weird for there to be a page about episode 1? Gray used particular phrasing about things that are going to be shown and built up in the first episode.
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I think we shouldn't make a placeholder episode 1 page until we get an episode name. That way we don't have to go around moving and deleting pages.
Same thoughts, but it wouldn't hurt to get a page layout system ready for when we do need it
Do we have an {{Infobox episode}} template or anything like that to start off with?

Also, do we know when the show's scheduled to start? I haven't heard any news, yet, but that might be just a product of the fact that I live under a rock.
Think it's going to be like other rt shows, season airs, and weekly episodes plus maybe a Christmas week break if it airs at that time
I wouldn't be surprised if it alternated with RWBY. Basically, RWBY airs October through January, so it would make sense if Gen:Lock aired in the spring/summer so the animation team only needs to focus on one at a time.

Gray Haddock and Koen Wooten brought Gen:Lock up in the newest Rooster Teeth Burnie Vlog in terms of their resolutions for 2018. Gray still says the writing needs to get done though. So it probably won't even air this year for all we know.
Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a 2018 air date.
If anything we still should get some news on it
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