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• 2/11/2019

Pages for Union mechs?

We need pages for the Union mechs, the spider tanks and the four-armed thing from episode 4. Does anyone know what the official names for them are. or have good suggestions for names?

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• 2/10/2019

gen:LOCK Playlist

I'm building a playlist of YouTube videos for the music used during gen:LOCK. Currently it's just the Battle Tapes songs from their official channel, but I'll keep an eye out for videos for the other songs.

gen:LOCK Music - YouTube
gen:LOCK Music - YouTube YouTube
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• 2/9/2019

The Main "Ether Outfits"

Should I add them to the profilepic tabbers on their pages, or no?

(This is just about the main ones they come in as, and not the few they shuffle through. Obviously, Chase wouldn't get one for his.)

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• 2/6/2019

The New Staff

For the past week or so, myself and other active users have talked about who would be willing to assume staff roles with most current ones inactive, and form a new team now that the show is getting underway. Now, allow me to introduce gen:LOCK wikia's new staff!









DSandstorm GenLOCK Wiki
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• 2/4/2019

Renaming the Union Spy page

User:WarBlade brought up something in the Union Spy page that I wanted to bring to further attention. They wrote: "Seeing as he was named only under his false identity, maybe it would be better to name the article Rob Sinclair (Union spy)."

The template was renamed as such, but I'm honestly in favor of a page rename too. I wanted to democratize this since it's not just on me. (Sorry about all those page renames to get rid of the "the." I thought it'd be easier on the internal links and wasn't quite thinking.)

Since the guy assimilated so well, he basically was Rob Sinclair. We should distinguish him from the guy he likely killed, but that's where the parenthesis part comes in.

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• 2/1/2019

Name of large transport

So when it comes to flying vehicles, the Vanguard has an Interceptor (fighter jet), a Razor, and a large transport capable of carrying multiple Striders.

I think I found its name, which is: "Hornbill".

This is based on the first episode where Leon states:

'''Leon''': All right, they're mechanized. Hornbill's bringing us around. Striders, stand by for drop.

"They're mechanized" refers to the Union having tanks, and Leon refers to the large transport that is going to drop the Striders as "Hornbill".

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• 1/31/2019

Official Videos

I added some of the official videos from Rooster Teeth's channel on YouTube.

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• 1/31/2019


I added ProfilePics (template images) for:

*Chase (Vanguard, Casual, Preserved)

*Driana (Casual, Pop Diva)

*Miranda (Casual)

*Migas (Vanguard)

I don't know if we should use a 1:2 aspect ratio for all of the ProfilePics since it doesn't seem to be good for the width of the templates. However, we should stick with a consistent ratio and make it the standard of the wiki. I propose 1:2 aspect ratio, but that's more or less just because that's what I'm used to on other wikis (namely the RWBY Wiki).

(1:2 means the height is exactly twice the width. Whatever actual dimensions it happens to be doesn't matter.)

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• 1/29/2019

Spoiler Policy

Simply put, what is it?

The wiki currently has plenty of episode 2 spoiler stuff on it, and I figured we would respect the public release window rather than the FIRST release.

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• 1/27/2019

Staff nominations

As the show is taking off and the wiki needs to grow, who here is interested in becoming a Bureaucrat, Administrator, Content Moderator, or Rollback?

A Bureaucrat is needed as soon as possible, as the current one has been absent from the wiki for 11 months and is the only position that can assign staff.

An administrator has access to everything other than assigning roles, including CSS and Top Navigation editing, and the ability to delete comments and pages.

A Content Moderator can delete comments and pages.

A Rollback can fast-punch undo edits without clicking "undo". This is useful for policing spoilers, and is a role that often works as entry level into staff. All positions above are able to "rollback."

Feel free to nominate others or self-nominate.

After the first couple weeks, let's vote and then take it to Fandom who should be the next Bureaucrat.

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• 1/26/2019

gen:LOCK theme song

Interestingly, the theme song is not original music, but an edited version of an existing song. The music is "Belgrade" by Battle Tapes.

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• 12/3/2017

Discussions Guidelines

The current guidelines are as follows:
1. Be nice and treat people with respect. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions.
2. Threads and posts that solicit upvotes will be deleted.
3. Off-topic conversations will be deleted.
4. Impersonation of other users or famous people will not be tolerated. If you have been banned and return on a new account, your posts will be deleted and your new account(s) will be banned.
5. Spamming, trolling, or vandalizing of any kind will be deleted and will lead to your account being banned.
6. Ask for help. Notice something that doesn't seem right? Or do you just have a question? Contact Fandom staff through "Give feedback" on your app's Settings screen, or via

What do you guys think about the guidelines? Are some of them too harsh/lenient? Do you think there should be a category for off-topic posts?
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• 11/19/2017

Page for Episode 1?

Would it be weird for there to be a page about episode 1? Gray used particular phrasing about things that are going to be shown and built up in the first episode.
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• 11/6/2017

Thoughts and theories

What are your theories on gen:LOCK, I speculate that a problem/plotpoint within the show may be something to do with the term gen lock itself though I'd have to do some research before I come to any conclusions
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